Watch Repairs

• Battery Replacement on all models of watches
• Band replacement and adjustment
• Seals and water pressure testing
• Glass Replacement
• Servicing of all models of watches
• Mechanical and Automatic watch servicing
• Pocket watch repairs and refurbishment
• Clock Repairs
• Case Restoration
• Crown and stem replacement

The majority of major repairs from Georgies Fine Jewellery workshop are guaranteed for one year unless otherwise noted. This is a small list of our Watch Repair Services. If you would like additional information, please call our Narooma store on (02) 44761009 or on our contact page.

Georgies offers many services on watches including repair, refurbishing, and cleaning.  Your precious timepieces are repaired inhouse by our very own watchmakers. While you wait, we can size bands and change batteries, and we offer a great selection of new watchbands in stainless steel and leather.

If a battery doesn’t do the trick, it may be time to have your watch overhauled. This is a process that involves an in-depth cleaning on the inside of your watch.  All watches need this thorough attention: from the finest timepieces to the most basic. This type of service can only be performed by a watch repair specialist. We can also assist you with crystal replacement, water pressure sealing watches, crown and stem repair, movement replacement, and any other care your watch may need.

Our Process, Your Security

You can visit our showroom anytime to have your watch inspected for repair.  Our watchmakers exercise the same care whether your watch is worth $5.00 or $50,000, because we know it has a priceless sentimental value.

We insure all of our customer's watches while it's in our care, and we keep it safely locked in our safes at night.  In addition to a detailed description, your watch is photographed as part of the documentation you receive when you leave your items in our trust. This is our way of showing you our professionalism and care for your most prized possessions.

The vast majority of repairs are performed at our Narooma location.

You can make an appointment to speak to one of our repair professionals by phoning (02) 4476 1009 or using our contact page.