Indulge in luxury and timeless glamour with our exquisite pendant necklaces. Whether it's the radiance of gemstones, the cherished nostalgia of lockets or the personalised charm of initials, each pendant tells a unique story.

At Georgies Fine Jewellery, we carry pendant necklaces from prestigious luxury brands. Intricately set with the finest, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, our pendants radiate unmatched brilliance. From lab-grown and natural diamonds to amethyst and blue topaz, each stone adds a unique charm to your collection.

Explore our diverse selection today and add a touch of opulence to any look.

Elegance in every design

From classic solitaire pendants to romantic masterpieces, discover our selection of pendant designs:

  • Solitaire pendants — Dive into the sheer splendour of a single, stunning diamond. While the setting around the featured gemstone can vary, solitaire pendants always have only one centrepiece gemstone, often a diamond, capturing hearts with their understated sophistication.
  • Halo pendants — Characterised by a central diamond embraced by a halo of exquisite smaller diamonds. This design adds an extra layer of sparkle to any look.
  • Heart-shaped pendants — Surprise your beloved with our heart-shaped diamond pendant necklaces. Each pendant encapsulates the very essence of grace and romance, making it a perfect keepsake of your love.
  • Vintage-inspired pendants — For ladies who love vintage-inspired designs, we have pendants inspired by the timeless romance and charm of yesteryears. From silver lockets to pearl drop pendants, these unique creations aren't just jewellery. They're destined to become cherished heirlooms that will be appreciated for years.

Whether you're adorning yourself for a lavish soirée or cherishing life's everyday moments, our pendant necklaces add a mesmerising allure to any ensemble.

Secure and convenient delivery

We accept orders for delivery using Australia Post. We aim to dispatch your parcel within three to seven days from the date we confirm your order. This standard timeframe applies unless we've arranged an alternate delivery schedule to suit your needs.

In the unlikely event that we cannot meet this timeframe, we’ll notify you right away. Please understand that we shall not assume liability for any loss, expense or other damage caused by delays in delivery.

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