Bridal Sets

Discover our collection of diamond bridal sets and find the perfect rings to embody your love story. Thoughtfully crafted by artisans who utilise age-old setting techniques, each ring in our bridal set collection serves as a timeless reminder of your commitment and eternal adoration. From white gold oval halo diamond bridal sets to rose gold designs with delicate diamonds carefully placed around the band, explore our collection online today to find a bridal jewellery set you’ll be proud to adorn forever. 

Discover modern and vintage-inspired bridal jewellery sets

Intricately set with the finest, ethically sourced diamonds, our bridal jewellery sets are the epitome of luxury, charm and timeless elegance. Every stone is carefully chosen for its clarity, brilliance and undeniable radiance, so you’ll have no trouble finding a bridal set that complements your other jewellery choices. 

If you love classic styles, indulge in the elegance of our white gold bridal jewellery sets, and choose a design with princess, baguette and round diamonds that are set into a striking square plate. If you prefer the warm hues of yellow gold but are looking for a diamond bridal set with a twist, invest in our milgrain set that offers an antique-inspired design and enjoy the versatility of being able to stack, layer, mix and match. Alternatively, invest in a three-stone bridal set that boasts a dazzling trio of diamonds, charting your romantic journey from friends to lovers to lifelong soulmates.

A diamond bridal set to suit every style preference 

For the brides who love vintage-inspired designs from the bygone era, we have diamond bridal sets that effortlessly fuse nostalgia with a touch of contemporary elegance. With milgrain detailing with intricate filigree work, these unique creations will serve as heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

Within our collection, you’ll also find a selection of rose gold bridal sets created by combining pure gold with a touch of copper, resulting in a warm and lustrous rosy glow that complements all skin tones. Whether in a classic solitaire setting, a sparkling halo or intricately placed along the band, you’ll find romantic designs that exude brilliance, making the ring a true statement of affection. 

Whether you mix, layer and match different styles and textures to create a unique combination, there’s no doubt a rose gold bridal set will celebrate your love in a style that embraces tradition and contemporary grace. 

Celebrate your love with a timeless bridal set from GFJ

From our customisable diamond rings to the effortless elegance of our modern wedding bands and bridal sets, each piece is carefully crafted to serve as a testament of your love. Shop the collection at GFJ today and contact our experts if you need help finding the perfect piece. While we know you’ll love our bridal jewellery sets, 


What does a typical bridal set include?

At GFJ, our bridal jewellery sets include the engagement ring, which is the set’s focal point, and the wedding band. Whether you love white, rose or yellow gold designs, our diamond bridal sets take the hassle out of finding a wedding band that perfectly matches your engagement ring.

Can I customise a bridal set?

No, our bridal sets come with two rings — the engagement ring and the wedding band — that are carefully designed to be stacked and worn together. If you’re hoping to customise an engagement ring to suit your partner’s exact preferences, we can create a bespoke design once you’ve selected the jewellery style, stone shape, stone size, karat metal and setting method. 

If you have a sentimental gold piece you’d like to transform into a new ring design, we can help with that, too — our team can 3D print your creation, so you can approve the style before we begin the creation process.