Jewellery Repairs

• Ring Sizing
• Ring Soldering
• Clasp Repair or Replacement
• Chain Repair
• Gemstone Setting
• Claw & Channel Repair
• Rhodium and Gold Plating
• Pearl Restringing
• Engraving
• Laser Weld Repair
• Gemstone Cutting and Polishing
• Surface Finishes such as Sandblasting and Hammering
• Watch Repair, Refurbishing, and Battery Replacement

The majority of repairs from Georgies Fine Jewellery workshop are guaranteed for one year unless otherwise noted.  This is not offered on bead or pearl restringing.  If recommended work is refused at the time of evaluation, there is no guarantee against future damage or breaking. This is a small list of our Jewellery Repair Services.

 Our First Class Workshop

Since our beginnings in 1983, our attention to the smallest details of fine craftsmanship have been our goal. We are proud to be known as having one of the finest award winning Jewellery Repair Departments in the country, and our jewellers take great pride in going above and beyond your expectations.

This philosophy has been the backbone of our success. Georgina and David believe that our continuous dedication to superior quality jewellery repair is what keeps our customers coming back.

We can rebuild your wedding set, remount your existing gemstones, repair the worn and damaged claws of your rings, or even refurbish your antique jewellery.  We are one of the few jewellers in the country that have embraced modern technology in every aspect of jewellery design and repairs. This allows us to repair just about any item no matter what the problem is.

Cleaning and Inspection

We recommend having your fine jewellery cleaned and inspected at least twice a year. A good way to remember are special occasions, holidays, and celebrations. It's the perfect time to have your jewellery polished and shining like brand new!

At Georgies inspection of your jewellery is complimentary and performed regularly at both of our workshops. We help our customers with thousands of repairs each year. 

In addition to keeping your jewellery shining brightly, it helps save you money. We are well trained to spot loose gemstones, worn or bent claws, and any other special circumstances that may be a concern to the integrity of your most prized possessions.  Regular inspection and maintenance helps in preventing major restoration repairs and minimizes your risks of gemstones falling out of your settings.

Our Process, Your Security

You can visit our showroom anytime to have your jewellery inspected for repair. Our jewellers exercise the same care whether your jewelry is worth $5.00 or $50,000, because we know it has a priceless sentimental value.

We insure all of our customer's jewellery while it's in our care, and we keep it safely locked in our safes at night. In addition to a detailed description, your jewellery is photographed and weighed as part of the documentation you receive when you leave your items in our trust. This is our way of showing you our professionalism and care for your most prized possessions.

The vast majority of repairs are performed at our Narooma location. To promote efficiency and cost savings to our customers, repairs are not performed while you wait.