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This is a short list of our most common questions.
After 30 years in business we have been asked all sorts of questions, so do not be embarrassed or afraid to ask us anything. Whether it is about Jewellery Repairs or Watch Repair just give us a call if you don’t find your answer below.
If you find that your query is still not answered please just drop us an email or contact a store directly.

Q? Do you do Jewellery Repairs?


Yes, we repair all types of jewellery and have a fully equipped modern workshop. We offer free quotes and advice so even if you are unsure you can drop your item in for us to check over. We also guarantee our repairs.

Q? Do you do watch repair?

Yes, David is a qualified watchmaker and we currently have an apprentice. We do most watch repair repair most in store but our watch repair workshop is based in Narooma. We may have to send some watches to the relevant company for repair. We inform you if your watch will be sent away and make sure you approve. We also guarantee our watch repair.

Q? Do you repair clocks?


We can repair quartz clocks onsite in our Narooma Jewellery shop and some minor mechanical clock repairs. For major mechanical clock repairs we use Bairnsdale Clocks. They have an excellent track record in repairs of mechanical clocks.

Q? Will you swap my stone?


No. Plain and simple no. We would not have survived this long in business by doing anything shady. Trust is a major part of our business and we have looked after some very expensive jewellery over time. Eveything is always kept in a safe, and we take a picture when we take your item in for repair.

Q? I purchased a ring and it does not fit


We do ring sizing all the time and part of our Jewellery Repairs. Some exceptions are Tungsten, Stainless Steel and Titanium rings where we may have to exchange for the correct size. We have our own workshop and are able to carry out ring sizing quickly for all precious metal rings.

Q? What happens if I buy a present and they do not like it?


We offer “change of heart” exchanges. Or in store credit on the item.

Q? What happens if you don’t have what I need in stock?


We will order it in for you. Usually we do this for no obligation, unless it is something that we would not normally stock. We can usually advise you of delivery times at the time.

Q? If I buy a Gift Certificate can it be used in any Georgies stores?


Yes all our stores are computer linked. So a Gift Certificate purchased in one Georgies store can be used in any of our other stores. It is the same for purchases and exchanges.

Q? If I see something in one Georgies store can I purchase it from another Georgies store?


Yes we happily move stock for our customers under no obligation. Just let us know. You can even layby it in one store and make payments or collect from another.

Q? I have lots of jewellery but don’t wear it anymore


Bring it all in. We can use it to remodel it for you into something beautiful that you will love. You can design your own ring and we can use the materials to manufacture it. Otherwise we carry out Jewellery Repairs and can repair it for you.

Q? I want to pass my jewellery onto my Family


You can leave it as is, but first allow us to check it over to determine it’s condition. Or we can make it into a brand new piece of jewellery that still contains the memories of its original owner. So your family has an heirloom for generations that still can be worn today.

Q? Do you offer Laybys?


We offer 3 month laybys with a 10% deposit. We also offer EziPay and Certegy finance for larger items and we can gain approval instore for you.
We offer laybys on all purchases.

Q? Can you set the time on my watch?


Yes we can! Bring it in at daylight saving and we will do free of charge for you. We do this as part of our watch repair business.



We are affiliated witht the GIA. For more information on who and what the GIA are click here.

Q? Nationwide Jewellers


We have been a member of Nationwide for over 20 years with this independent buying group. It is Australia’s largest Jewellers Group. Click here for more information

Q? Rewards Program


Georgies Fine Jewellery introduced a rewards program in 2016 using “Rewardle” brand system. The following is our terms and conditions of its use.
Our reward system is only available to the person making the purchase and holding a card.
Terms and conditions:

  • Points are not transferrable; your friend’s and relatives cannot use your points or have points transferred to their card
  • Points are not added retrospective; Points can only be added at the time of purchase, to the person making the purchase.
  • Points are only added to the person making the purchase: Not to the person the gift or item is for.
  • Gift Certificates: Points are added only when a gift certificate is purchased, to the person making the purchase.
  • Laybys: Points for laybys are only added on the completion of layby. Not when payments are made.
  • Special Orders: Points for special orders are only added once the special order has been picked up and paid for in full.
  • Money Held: Points for money held deposits are only added once the item has been collected or picked up.
  • Points are added on all repairs and can be used on repairs.
  • Reward points can only be redeemed on your next purchase. Reward points cannot be redeemed on the same sale as they are acquired
  • Rewardle Cards cannot be used by other Business’s, Companies, Clubs and Account customers.

At Georgies our reward system offers points on all purchases, however there are some exceptions and these are:

  • Sales: When we are having a sale you are already getting exceptional value so you do not get points during our sales
  • Our Birthday and Anniversary Cards: If you are using one of these at the time of your purchase unfortunately you don’t get points at the same time. You may however use your reward points at this time
  • Redeeming Reward Points: If you are redeeming a reward on a purchase you do not get points for that purchase. You can also only use one Rewardle voucher per transaction (sale)

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