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Jewelsure | Jewellery Insurance Australia | Jewellery Valuations

Georgies Fine Jewellery is pleased to offer Jewelsure to their customers. After being involved in the Jewellery industry for 30 years and having dealt many times over with customers jewellery insurance claims this is a revolutionary Jewellery Insurance Australia system.

Once you are a member of Jewelsure when you shop with Georgies your listed items are automatically and updated regularly. This means you never have to obtain an updated valuation or squabble with your insurance compnay over the value of lost items. It also provides proof that you own a particular item.

As an added bonus if you are a Jewelsure member and shop with Georgies Fine Jewellery any future purchases are automatically added to your portfolio and no cost. Which saves you time and trouble when you forget to add an item to your insurance policy. We can also add your existing Jewellery to Jewelsure for a fee.

We are finding more and more that Insurance companies are now disputing ownership of items, putting the onus on the owner to prove ownership prior to accepting a claim. This system takes that away from you offering you peace of mind and a speedy claim process. They may also try to force you to shop elsewhere other than your preferred jeweller.

There is an inital setup fee and a fee to list each item that you already own. Once you are a member there is only a minimal annual fee. Jewelsure also offer insurance now and we can provide you with a quote.