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Miscellaneous Service

Pearl restringing, jewellery valuations Georgies Fine Jewellery

Pearl Restringing

We can ususally restring all pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets. The lady that does our pearl restringing jobs has had over 35 years experience and has a great deal of knowledge and advice for those odd jobs. We can quote in store for most pearl restringing jobs.

We do send our pearl restringing away but do so fully insured. For those customers that need a matching pearl Georgina can take it overseas with her to jewellery fairs in the hope of finding a matching one.

For Pearl rings and pearl earrings our workshop is equipped to carry out most repairs.

Jewellery Valuations

We offer several different kinds of jewellery valuations as it really depends on your needs. If you just need to know how much something is worth then we offer a verbal valuation. This is a economical way to determine what an item is worth. They are also done in our Narooma store and take 1 to 2 days.

Another way is to do a written valuation where your items are sent away to a valuation company and you get a written statement of you jewellery. This is usually for valuable items as insurance companies may request these.

A newer alternative is Jewelsure which is similar to a written valuation but it is constantly updated. All information is linked to your insurance company. We do these in each store and we usually have your jewellery for one day. This method saves you having to constantly update your valuation. See our Jewelsure page for more information


At Georgies Fine Jewellery we offer 3 month layby terms with a deposit of 10% on all items.

Metal Plating

We also have a company where we can send your silverware, gold plated items and plated jewellery to a company for electroplating for you. They will remove all the old plating and restore it to new.