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Clock Repairs

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Quartz Clocks

We service or repair most quartz clocks in our Narooma store and can usually offer a quick turnaround provided we have the parts. Most quartz clocks are not made to be serviced so we generally fit new movements as it is more economical than trying to repair them. However in some cases there is not a movement available that fits or suits the type of clock. In these instances we will attempt to still repair the clock for you.

Mechanical Clocks

We can carry out minor clock repairs for mechanical clocks in our Narooma store however we are limited by space so we generally offer only basic repairs. David can sometimes do a house visit for Grandfather and Grandmother clocks to offer advice or perform minor clock repairs. Where a clock requires a full repair we send these to Bairnsdale Clocks via a secure courier where they are professionally serviced by them. They offer one of, if not the best, best services around Australia and fully guarantee their work. They cover all clock repairs including alarm clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, anniversary clocks and wall clocks.




Barometer repairs are possible for older style ones. These we send these to Bairnsdale Clocks for repair.