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Jewellery Repairs

Georgies Fine Jewellery, Jewellery Repairs to white gold engagement rings

Jewellery Repairs have always been part of our pedigree and continues to be a major part of what we do and how we operate. As many of the chain stores do not do Jewellery repairs, we have always kept our Jewellery repairs in store. In 2009 we built a fully equipped modern workshop in Narooma we have since relocated this next door to our Narooma shop. You can now watch our jewellers whilse they work.

Our workshop is equipped with a Laser Welder, PUK welder and engraving/setting bench. All these tools enable us to work on your jewellery much more efficiently and perform jobs that could not have been attempted in the past.

In our Batemans Bay store we now have Kord Keogh working on the jewellery bench. Kord has over 20years experience and is one of the best manufacturing jewellers around. So we now are able to do jewellery repairs in Batemans Bay, or you can design your own ring and Kord can make it for you.

Jyothi Forman won silver at the Worldskills Competition in Brazil in 2015 and will be part of the support team for 2016. She took out the Nationwide Jewellers apprentice of the year award in September 2013 and September 2014. Then went on to win the Victorian section of the World Skills Challenge in November 2013 and taking out the Gold Medal for the World Skills Challenge in 2014. 

Both our jewellery workshops are equipped to carry out repairs to Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings and Brooches. Anything in a precious metal.

Georgie now spends most of her time in store designing jewellery for customers using Countersketch or Freehand sketches. She will also discus major jewellery repairs with customers, but occasionally will spend a day or 2 in the workshop to keep her hand in it. She has had over 25 year’s bench work experience.

We offer a great deal of experience, knowledge and workmanship. We are always open and honest with our work to ensure we maintain a high level of trust with you, our client, and to make sure everything is repaired as you expected.