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Tolkowsky Jewellery

The name that changed Diamonds forever

Georgies Fine Jewellery has had a long standing personal relationship with Gabi Tolkowsky since meeting him on one of our Antwerp Daimond Buying trips. This relationship has now extended to Tolkowsky Jewellery, which is owned by Jean Paul Tolkowsky, Marcel Tolkowsky's Great Nephew.

This beautiful range of Diamond Jewellery features Ideal Cut diamonds is outstanding in its beauty and quality. Our most popular ring is the Twist Solitaire ring, set in either white gold or platinum. This ring makes an outstanding white gold engagement ring that offers something a little different.

The Tolkowsky story is the story of the modern Diamond. This family of master diamond cutters have been responsible for some of the most important advances in the industry. Most notably they invented the Ideal cut. The ideal cut diamond is so called because it is perfectly cut in 3 ways known as Triple Ex: Excellent Cut, Excellent Symetry, Excellent Polish. The GIA use Tolkowsky diamonds to calibrate their diamond grading machines.

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