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  • Bucket List

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    Hi Georgie
    Just a few lines carrying a truck load of thanks to you. 
    For me, chalking items off my own personal “bucket list” is rare, so this email is sending you a great big hug because yesterday you had a major hand in letting me chalk two listed items off on one day. 
    Firstly, collecting the most awesome piece of jewellery I have ever owned [my beautifully hand designed and craftsman made ring] gave me such delight. A delight that I am sure will go on for long after me as the ring and the story of how / where it came from is handed down in my family. 
    And lets not forget the long desired black ‘oriental cheong-sam’ dress, I may not fit into it but having it will always remind me of you and your awesome human values.
    Many thanks and kindest regards


  • Remake Engagement Ring

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    Thank you so very much Georgie & the team at your Batemans Bay store.

    Such a friendly store headed up by Bec, I really appreciate your excellent service.

    I had a 46 year old engagement ring I wanted to use and incorporate my grandmothers diamonds from her eternity ring, into a new ring. Georgies also do gold credits, so with the gold from the rings I was using plus I brought in Gold Jewellery that I hadn't worn for a long time, those credits were deducted from the final cost. 

    It was a gift both of us to me for my 65th Birthday in September & a very early 45th Anniversary present (next year) from my dear husband.

    It was fascinating watching Georgie design it on the computer, she seemed to know exactly the look I wanted. The finished ring is stunning. The final polishing of my wedding band from a florintined finish to a polished gold put the final touch to my beautiful new ring.

    I've had quite a few pieces of Jewellery repaired & restored and have been very happy with every piece.

    Thank you once again. 


  • Family Heirloom

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    My mother recently passed away, and left her jewellery to me, however it was in a sad state. Georgies has helped me with every step, resizing, re designing some broken and ugly things into beautiful jewellery that I now love wearing and even making gorgeous pendants from two earrings..non-matching, that had lost their pair.. so I now have wonderful things to wear, enjoy, evoke loving memories, and pass down to my daughter and grand daughters when the time comes.

    I could not be happier with the craftmanship, and service  and especially the treatment from all the staff, they have been wonderful, caring and efficient ...thank you georgies for everything.



  • Custom Designed Engagement Ring

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Thankyou again Georgie for creating this beautiful ring, I'm still speechless & gobsmacked of just how beautiful it has turned out I'm sorry for giving you a heart attack today hahaha, but like I said I'm still pretty much speechless.

    Thankyou to Simone, Genevieve, Donna & whoever else helped in making this ring for me your time is very much appreciated so thankyou again.

    I will email photos when I pop the question.

    Thankyou to you all again.

    Have a happy & safe Christmas & all the best in the New year.


  • Engagement Ring

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    To everyone at Georgies Merimbula.

    There is only one way to describe my ring - absolutely spectacular! It exceeded my expectations. I was overwhelmed with emotion when Mark gave it to me and I haven't stopped smiling or looking at it since. The whole bag of gifts it came with made it all the more special. Thank you for your time, guidance and patience throughout the ring design and making process. Everyone is amazed when they see it. From you happiest customers - Karla and Mark

    PS. I got asked if I was wearing a Tiffany's ring not long ago, to which I replied, "Why would you go to Tiffany's when GFJ is right here"

  • Suspicious Salespeople!

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie

    Recently I purchased a diamond pendant from your Bega shop as a tenth anniversary gift to my wife.

    I am not a wealthy man. I have lived long enough to be very suspicious of salespeople interested only in closing the sale and I see absolutely no value in jewellery at all. I tell you this so that you have some understanding of the challenge your salespeople faced.

    The person who served me was Hollie. I was so impressed with her that I felt compelled to write this note to you. her professional manner, care, attention to detail and her efforts to accomodate my demands cannot be faulted. She is wonderful asset to your business .

    The next time I need a glittery gift for my wife I know where to go

    Kind Regards
    John, Bega

  • Faulty Stock

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie

    I would just like to drop you a quick email to provide some feedback.

    Over the years my husband and I have purchased the odd thing here or there from your store in Bega, sometimes Eden and Batemans Bay and my husband also purchased my engagement ring from Narooma. I just wanted to take the time to tell you that with every purchase we've made, we've always dealt with the most wonderful, caring and helpful staff.

    Over Christmas my husband brought me a Story bracelet which wasn't the colour or length that I was after. I returned it and the girl that I dealt with (I'm sorry, I can't remember her name) went to all lengths to make sure that i received the product that I wanted. I have since had to return the bracelet as after 9 days it had started to snap and fray and then also, I was given the highest quality help. Unfortunately the bracelet can't be replaced at the moment due to it not being in stock which is totally fine and I am going to go in later in the week and find an alternative.

    So long story short - I just wanted to thank you and your staff for always giving my family the best service possible. I hope your businesses continue to grow and serve our community.

    Anna, Bega

  • Ring Restoration

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie,

    Thank you so much for everything you have done in restoring my beautiful ring. I realise and appreciate that you have gone much further than many others would have done under the circumsytances. It is both reassuring and inspiring to see a high standard of ethics and values in action in our local comunity.

    I have no hesitation in recommending you and your businexx. I have already had friends say they have jewellery work they want done and that it will be in your business they will go to!

    Once again many thanks,
    Helen, Merimbula

  • Ring Design

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie

    I wish to thank you for the redesigning of the rings you did for me, Ruby and Diamonds and the small diamond put into my wedding ring. The Ruby ring is lovely, I am happy very happy with it.

    Once again, thank you, I hope I can do more business with you in the future.


  • Just Thanks

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie,

    Thanks to your generosity and the help I received from the lovely girls at the Bay, my dilemma was sorted out in no time, I really appreciate everyone's help so very much.

    I would also like to take this oppourtunity to say what a pleasure it is to shop at your store at Batemans Bay, and just how nice I think both yourself and David are, it really is so refreshing to find such friendly approachable business people in this busy world we are living in.

    From Lynette,
    Batemans Bay

  • Eternity Ring

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    Dear Georgie

    Just wanted to send this email to thank you for a fantastic job on the eternity ring that you made to go with my engagement ring and wedding band. Bryson and I find it to be a truly beautiful ring set and has provided us with fantastic memories and great sentimental value.

    Thanking you

  • Insurance Companies

    Georgies Fine Jewellery we stock Nikki Lissoni and Palas Jewellery

    To Georgie and the team.

    Thank You so very much for your excellent service over the last 6 weeks as we 'fought the good fight' with the insurance company.

    It has been appreciated by us both
    Jennifer and Darren,
    Batemans Bay