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Nikki Lissoni

..there was a girl that was given the name of Nikki the day she was born. Her Spanish father and Dutch mother raised her to become a woman. A young talented gorgeous woman, full with Spanish temperament. She was and is loved by many. From the very first moment. What’s inside counts. Nikki was known as an honest and reliable person. “Dutch influences” she called these characteristics of hers. The Netherlands, that’s where her heart would always be...

The day that Nikki turned eighteen her grandmother surprised her with the most fantastic gift ever. Packed in a lovely little white box with a golden lid, was a heirloom that had been in the family Lissoni for ages. A necklace with a charming coin, but at the same time odd and extraordinary too. She didn’t recognize the signs on the decorated coin – it was not making sense at all. “The meaning of this coin - my sweet child – differs from person to person”, grandmother told her lovingly. “As I am the one that gives you this coin and you are the one that receives my precious gift, the two of us will decide what the meaning of this coin will be. Please sustain this age-old tradition, Nikki. A tradition of luck, love and wonderful memories. What’s inside counts. This is my wish for you.”

Because of these words and the most cherished gift that she had kept by heart since then, Nikki stayed true to tradition. She kept her word. The tradition continued with the jewelry of Nikki Lissoni with necklaces, pendants and the most extraordinary coins. A different wish for each coin. Your wish..........What’s inside counts.

Nikki Lissoni jewelry originates from a tradition of luck, love and wonderful memories.
We believe that’s what makes all the women of the world unique and precious. They live
different lifestyles within different cultures but are all fabulous in their own special way.
Let’s add a touch of glamour to women everywhere with our new spring/summer
collection of gorgeous silver, gold and rose gold plated coins, pendants, necklaces,
earrings and bracelets.
Each piece of hand crafted Nikki Lissoni jewelry provides the opportunity to create your
own signature, matching your mood and style. And the collection just keeps on growing.
Last but not least.

The full range of Nikki Lissoni can be viewed on their website or it is available at Georgies Fine Jewellery in Bega.