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Custom Made Jewellery

Georgies Fine Jewellery has been jewellery designing and manufacturing Custom Made Jewellery since their inception in 1983.

You can have a private consultation with Georgie or any one of her team of jewellery designers. You can design your own ring using hand drawn designs or with Georgies Fine Jewellery state of the art “Countersketch” computer program.

Countersketch allows you to see your jewellery design from any angle and can be changed and enhanced by your thoughts or from input with our jewellery designers. You will end up with a beautiful rendered picture of your designed piece. You can also view what it would look like on your hand. This allows complete satisfaction and assurance of the final product before we begin manufacturing.

You can also visit our Flexible design website and choose the style and size of your ring.

We are slowly putting some of our design on our Pinterest page.


 Countersketch Preview: